Three Days EP by Cinemon in the format of mp3 files is available on Creative Commons licence.
It allows all non-commercial use (i.e. copying, sharing, reusing, resampling,etc.) with giving the name of the author (i.e. Cinemon). If you're interested in commercial use, please contact us.

We hope you'll have a good time listening to the album.

If you like the music a nice thing to do would be buing the CD (it's available directly from us) or coming to one of our gigs.

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01. Cinemon - Three Days EP - Up In The Skies.mp3
02. Cinemon - Three Days EP - Na Na Na.mp3
03. Cinemon - Three Days EP - Three Days.mp3
04. Cinemon - Three Days EP - Let's Dance.mp3
05. Cinemon - Three Days EP - Barefoot.mp3